Cottages by Archipelago sea

Relax and enjoy the nature

Traditional Finnish summer cottages

Hinders is located on the island of Nauvo at archipelago sea in southwest Finland. Here you can experience clean and untouched nature and enjoy the prestige archipelago landscape. Our cottages are traditional Finnish summer cottages with outhouse and sauna. We have alltogether 11 cottages. 3 of them are located by the sea, 5 by the inlake and 3 on smaller islands. The cottages are for rent from the beginning of April until the end of October.

4 - person cottages

6 - person cottages

6 - person cottages on islands

Traditional Finnish things you can experience at our cottages

 - pick berries and mushrooms 

- catch fish from a pier or a boat

- eat locally produced vegetables and eggs

- bath in a sauna and swim in the sea or a lake

- barbeque sausages

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